Limitation of the negative effects of customers’ and suppliers’ bankruptcies

Bankruptcy is the major annihilator of assets. There is no incident that destroys values that have been created over years as quickly and radically .
Then again a bankruptcy is not the end for most companies but marks a new era with chances, risks and new uncertainties.
Typical risks of bankruptcy are:
  • shortfalls in payment
  • additional expenditures for the completion of orders
  • increased costs for replacement purchases
  • interruptions of the supply chain entailing contractual penalties
  • bankruptcy of the company
We offer the implementation of a system allowing the independent handling of customers’ or suppliers’ bankruptcies. For that purpose we combine recommendations of appropriate courses of action in case of first signals of a crisis or latent bankruptcy risks, e.g. the use of suppliers’ credits by offering specific drafts for the registration of claims and security rights in case of bankruptcy.